Thank you Jim Walent!

Well, after a textbook demonstration of "get-up-and-go" Laurie (my wife) has my new website up & running - as you can plainly see! All the work she has been putting into the site (I've logged a few hours myself) has made us even more thankful for the work our friend Jim Walent put into my website for so many years. Jim has been my webmaster for a long time on a completely voluntary basis. Given his busy family and work life, I felt that I had prevailed upon his good nature quite long enough, and for his time, generosity, and friendship over the years, I'm very grateful. THANK YOU JIM! Laurie will be taking the reins from here, striving to make the new website as user-friendly and up to date as possible.

We would also like to extend our thanks to our friend Chris Lunetta of Expose Me Photography for contributing his editing skills as Laurie put the site together. 

 One of the things I look forward to providing on this site is more video in general, as well as, specifically, free video tutorials to be used as learning companions with my book Universal Rhythms for Drum Set. With a little help from some friends, we're going to produce them in the basement, where I've been able to capture what I think is a fairly thick and meaty drum sound. We promise to expedite this asap and thank you for your patience.

In the meantime, we've added some new tracks to the juke box, as well as brought some stuff back that I had Jim remove years ago. The new tracks are from bassist Rob Gourlay's 2008 release featuring guitarist extraordinaire Tim Theriault. Cool drum sound on an old and beat up set of acrylic Sonors. My buddy Jon Chase - a drummer whose groove feels like the whole building you're in is walking down the street - tracked and mixed them. I like the result. Esp. the mix on "Stratus". 

I apologize for the slim pickings as far as new audio but I've stopped taking session work over the last several years and don't have much new to offer. Same with video: I've been choosing to work from home in favor of performing and, as such, have little new footage. However, I do have some new live footage from some recent gigs that I'm waiting to receive, and I will be mining some more old stuff that might be fun to check out. In any case, I promise there will be fresh information to keep your eyes and ears entertained when you drop by.

So please come back & visit us often, feel free to sign our guestbook, & let us know how we're doing! This site had to come together pretty quickly so we'd appreciate any feedback on what you see and what you would like to see in the future.

Now get on outside & enjoy the weather, spring is in the air!


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chris lunetta March 19, 2011 @09:26 pm
Great site guys!
Bev. De Witt-Moylan March 19, 2011 @06:06 pm
Very attractive web site. Good luck with this venture. Last year Jim Walent built my web site. He is very talented, not to mention endlessly accommodating. When you have a minute to noodle around on your computer you can check out the work he did for me at
Jim Walent March 19, 2011 @05:34 pm
Hey Dave & Laurie, thanks for the kind words! Wow, how the time does fly and how our lives have changed. I'm glad I was able to help start your journey on the world wide web, and I look forward to seeing how you and Laurie continue the trip. The new site looks amazing!
DC March 19, 2011 @04:55 pm
Love the new site, nice work Ladicenso!
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